For many post-secondary students, taking the first few steps toward a career in finance can be hard to navigate. This program is designed to help, by pairing students with finance professionals who are keen to share their experiences and provide impactful, one-on-one guidance. Our aim is to help students acquire skills and competencies while fostering meaningful connections with their mentors.  

In the previous year, EWF’s post-secondary program has resulted in 20 successful mentorship relationships.

Partnership with MENTOR Canada

We are excited to announce that MENTOR Canada will be partnering up with us to give mentors and mentees professionally-guided sessions in the early stages of the program. The goal is to fully equip participants with the tools and confidence required to proactively lead the mentorship experience for the duration of our program and any mentorships in the future. 

What to expect

The 6-month program will kick off in late September with a panel discussion and speed networking event for the mentors and mentees. Participants will have an opportunity to submit their match preferences as we perform the pairings in the weeks following the event. Regular one-on-one meetings will start in November 2021 and last until April 2022. We will offer participants skill-building/learning sessions throughout the event. Mentors will also have an opportunity to get featured on our social media sites, as well as attend an appreciation event, tentatively set in Spring 2022.

Who is it for?


If you are a female, post-secondary student or new graduate who is interested in pursuing a career in finance, this program is for you!

Mentee eligibility criteria:

  • Edmonton resident

  • Either one of the following:

    • currently enrolled in a post-secondary faculty, or

    • recently graduated from a post-secondary faculty (in 2020 or later)

  • No prior finance work experience (except for internships or co-ops)

  • Commitment to managing the mentorship relationship and availability for either virtual or in-person, monthly (approx. 1 hour long) meetings for at least 6 months (Nov 2021-April 2022)

  • Willingness to attend a Kick-Off networking event in September 2021 and a “Mentorship Tips and Guidelines” learning event in October 2021 (exact date TBA)


If you are a professional with experience in finance, and you want to share your knowledge, coach and support young women interested in finance, then this program is for you!

Mentee eligibility criteria:

  • Minimum of 1 year of post-graduation, professional work experience in a finance-related industry

  • All genders are encouraged to apply

  • Availability for virtual/in-person monthly (approx. 1 hour long) meetings for at least 6 months (Nov 2021-April 2022)

  • Willingness to attend a Kick-Off networking event in September 2021 and a “Mentorship Tips and Guidelines” learning event in October (exact date TBA)

Important Dates

24 June 2021 – Applications Open for mentors

9 July 2021 – Applications Open for mentees

27 September 2021 (4:30-6pm MT) – Kick-Off event: Panel discussion and networking event

15 October 2021 – Deadline to submit applications for both mentors and mentees

30 October 2021 – Receive an email with the contact information of your mentor/mentee

Mid November 2021 (Date TBA) – “Mentorship Tips and Guidelines” learning event

Late November 2021 (Date TBA) – Deadline for mentees to contact their mentors and arrange the first meeting

December 2021 – Routine meetings begin for mentors and mentees

January/February 2022 (postponed to Mar 2022) – Skill Building events (details TBA)

30 April 2022 – End of the mentorship program

Summer (new!) 2022 – Mentors appreciation event


Please read EWF mentorship program guidelines before applying for the program: Agreement


Application for Mentors

Application for Mentees: open now!

Please note that while we will do our best to find a match for every applicant, we cannot guarantee a spot as this depends on our number of mentors and mentees. We encourage you to answer all the application questions and attend the initial networking event as this will maximize our chances of finding you a match.