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Job Position: Finance & Accounting Risk & Compliance Manager

Company: General Bank of Canada

Location: Edmonton 

Length of Position: Full Time

Reporting to the CFO, the Finance & Accounting Risk & Compliance Manager is responsible for overseeing risk and compliance on behalf of Finance & Accounting (F&A). Acting as a risk and compliance subject matter expert, this role leads the development and implementation of appropriately calibrated risk and compliance solutions, with the aim of creating high levels of awareness and ownership of risk and compliance practices within F&A.



● Support the CFO and Controller in the effective implementation, maintenance, and administration of first line of defense (1st LOD) risk and compliance programs and frameworks (e.g., operational risk, AML, compliance, regulatory, etc.).

● Support the CFO and Controller to maintain an in-depth understanding of the applicable regulatory and internal risk management requirements. Interpret and provide advice on the application of the requirements for F&A.

●  Work with F&A staff to develop and document procedures and controls in alignment with relevant requirements, risk appetite, and/or compliance culture. Update procedures and controls as regulations or the operating environment changes and communicate changes to relevant stakeholders.

●   Facilitate the identification and assessment of risks within F&A by working with F&A and Risk Management staff to conduct workshops and interviews, developing appropriately sized risk solutions.

●   With guidance from the Compliance team, develop appropriately sized compliance strategies, including implementing regulatory compliance (including AML/ATF and Privacy) internal controls.

●   Act as a subject matter expert and represent F&A for compliance reviews, monitoring, effectiveness testing, and preparation for 3rd party examination efforts.

●  Coordinate information gathering and support the 1st LOD when potential deficiencies or material weaknesses are identified. Ensure remediation activities are appropriately documented and completed. 

●   Interpret and use risk-based information to support integration of risk assessment (identification, analysis, evaluation) into department decisions.

●   Regularly report on risk activities including effectiveness of testing controls including any instances of non-compliance.

●   In conjunction with the CFO and Controller, interact with Internal Audit to ensure clear and frequent communication.

●   Promote a risk and compliance culture and foster an attitude of ownership of risk within F&A.

●   Build strong relationships with F&A and Bank staff to successfully communicate any risk related issues and to help build the appropriate solutions in a timely and professional manner.

●   Responsible for the training of new and existing employees on risk and compliance management obligations within their roles.

●   Collaborate with the Risk and Compliance departments for any education and training as required.

●   Perform other duties as assigned.

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